Fashion Week Day 3: Styling is So Essential

When I used to write about my underwater photography adventures, I always gave my scuba dive guides credit. They played an important role in helping me find cool subjects – and keeping me safe under water.

In my photography books, I often give my guide credit for their assistance, especially when it comes to getting me into remote villages on the other side of the planet.

This week, I am giving credit to the person who helped with the sidewalk shoot photographs that illustrate this week's fashion photography posts.

Vered Koshlano found the model for the shoot, showed me the wall, bought several different outfits for the model, did the model's hair and make-up, helped with the lighting - and suggested several poses. In essence, Vered styled the shoot. I could not have done it without her.

What did I do? Well, in addition to pressing a few buttons and adjusting a few knobs on my camera, I composed the shot. I also determined and adjusted the lighting – which I talked about in yesterday's post. In this photograph, the shadow is even more pronounced that in yesterday's photo. That shadow adds a sense of depth to the image. It also makes the photo look a bit more dramatic than yesterday's image.

Keep styling in mind when you are making a photograph. And speaking of making, as you can see, a lot went into the making of this image.

Tomorrow: Digital Darkroom Effects.

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