Fashion Week Day 5: Ask the Model To Take Over

This is the last post in this week's series. I hope you have enjoyed the photos - and the tips.

Here is the final tip in the series: After you take your shot, ask the model what kind of shot she or he would like you to take. You may be surprised at how much you like the model-suggested shot – perhaps even more than the shot you had in mind. What's more, you'll make the model happy!

The opening photograph in this post is the model-suggested pose. It's fun and exciting. It was the last shot of the day.

The image below is a much more serious shot. I like it – although the lighting in the opening photo is bit more dramatic. (See the earlier posts this week on lighting.)

So, listen to your model. Work together. You'll have more fun during the photo session. Plus, you'll probably get some cool and unexpected images.

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