Fore! My Latest iPad App Can Help Improve Your Golf Game!

Fore! My latest app, Skip Marini Golf Lessons, is here.The app includes 15 video lessons, hosted by yours truly, for both the beginner and intermediate golfer.

Here is the intro movie for the app, and here is a lesson from the app.

To celebrate the release of this app, Skip and I are giving away 9 free redeem codes (as in the back nine). I hope you can grab one. Please note that it is Apple's policy that these codes are only good in the U.S. - and that the redeem policy is Apple's, not ours.


Watch as I temporarily trade in my Canon 5D for a 5 iron – and as the teacher becomes the student! In the easy-to-follow and fun video lessons, all shot in beautiful Westchester, New York, Skip and I show you how to get out of trouble, whether in the rough, in a sand trap or under a tree.

Skip will show you how to correctly set yourself up when addressing the ball, and make sure your drive is straight and long. You’ll learn how to hit the “flop shot” for that high and soft landing on the green – as well as a great method for practicing your putting.

The movies, shot by Emmy-award winner David Leveen, are divided into five sections: Basics: The Setup, Ball Position, Hand Position for the Full Swing, The Drive, Ball Trajectory, and Weight Transfer.

Skip's Tips include:

Wedge Shots: Using the Sand Wedge around the Green and in the Sand.

Chip Shots: Above the Hole, Below the Hole and the “Flop Shot."

Putting: How to Putt and Practicing Your Putting Stroke.

Trouble: Getting Out of the Rough and Out From Under a Tree.

The app was developed by Craig Ellis of Great Oak Software ( In discussing the app, Craig said, “As a weekend golfer myself who is always looking to improve my game, it was a pleasure being part of the foursome to create Skip Marini Golf Lessons. The app contains valuable techniques helping you learn to shave strokes off your score allowing you to enjoy the game of golf even more. The instructions video lessons are fun and easy to follow in an intuitive user interface where its like getting several private lessons from Golf Pro Skip Marini right in the comfort and convenience of your iPad."

We are pleased to offer this great iPad application for the special introductory price of 1.99 US. On Oct 31, the price will go back to the list price of 2.99 US.

We are working on an iPhone edition with targeted availability by the end of September.

Explore the light - and explore the course!
P.S. Friends! Don't worry. I am not giving up my 5D for a 5 iron. But heck, we all need to relax sometime, right? :-)