Hudson River Photography Workshops: Week One Wrap Up

Week One of my Hudson River Photography Workshops came to a close tonight – after a great day in the studio, wonderful pizza party and nice sunset. As always, we had a small, intimate group – so everyone had the opportunity to shoot and get personal digital darkroom advice.

We are preparing for Week Two, which begins in two weeks. Can't wait for the photo fun to begin – again!

Here are some shots from the workshop. Above: New Croton Dam (HDR). Photographer: Keith Plumstead.

Above: Bella Paula in our local bed and breakfast. Photographer: Ellen Harasimowicz.

Above: Buddhist Monastery (HDR pano). Photographer: Tom Barry.

Above: Keith Plumstead sizes up his first HDR pano print – which I printed on my Canon IPF 6350 printer.

Above: Controlling the light in the studio. Westcott light controllers were used to control the light from a flash. The little device that's attached to my flash (top right) is the Rogue FlashBender. The Rogue FlashBender is an very affordable accessory for enhancing the light from a flash. Photographer: Susan Sammon.

Above: Our small, intimate great group of talented photographers. Photographer: Susan Sammon.

Thanks to everyone for making the event productive, successful, rewarding and... fun!

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