New News at DPE!

The DPE podcast that I co-host along with Juna Pons has become so popular that we will now be focusing all of our collective DPE energy on the podcast.

I will keep posting stuff here on a regular basis. Hey, maybe I can get Juan to post a few articles here, too!

We have being interviewing more and more of today’s top pros, and have been answering more and more of your questions. Keep ‘em coming.

Not to worry. We are not doing away with the blog completely. Rather, we will post photo tips and product news articles from time to time.

We will change the look of the DPE website a bit in the coming weeks to reflect this new focus.

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To send us a question, send an email to:

Thank you all for listening and for making the Digital Photo Experience podcast one of the leading photography podcasts on the internet, and we look forward to getting your questions.

Rick and Juan