What Would You Have Done Differently?

On my workshops, I am asked to offer suggestions on how to make a photograph better.

Well, I thought I'd turn the tables, so to speak. Here is one of my favorite photographs (long-skirt Miao women) from a workshop I organized to remote China last year. Scroll down on this page to see more images.

So the question is: How would you have posed the subject in this situation? What would you have done differently? Let me know. I really would be interested. (As you will see in the addition to this post below, I actually thought of some of your good ideas!)

If you post your comments here, all can see.

Explore the light,

P.S. An after-post addition.

Thank you for you comments. Here are a few pictures that address some of the good suggestions - applied to other photographs. Three from China, one from Kenya.

Above: Subject off-center.

Above: Subjects in context.

Above: Head and shoulder shot.

Above: Black background.

Again, thanks to all for playing along.