Quick Digital Imaging Tip 13/101: Include a Person In the Scene

Update 11/12/10: I originally posted this post from Laos. See the last three images. Then read this, which was in the NY Times yesterday.

This is #13 of 101 digital imaging tips I plan to post here over the next few months. Stay tuned.

No matter how small, a person can add interest to a scene – as illustrated by this photograph that I took this morning in Laos.

Bonus tip: You snooze, you lose! Get up early to capture the beauty dawn light.

On another note, what do the three snapshots (taken in a very remote village in Laos) below have in common? Let me know here on the blog, which is easier for me to track than facebook and twitter. Try to be as detailed as possible with your answer. I will respond when a reader gets it right.

Peace, love and joy,