Quick Digital Imaging Tip 19/101: Sharpen Selectively and Sharpen Last

This is tip #19 of 101 digital imaging tips I plan to post here over the next few months. Stay tuned.

Today's tip (still from Laos): Sharpen Selectively and Sharpen as a Final Step

One of the cool features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 is Convert for Smart Filters. Using this feature, you can apply a filter as you would use an adjustment and an adjustment layer – painting in and out an effect.

This picture started out as three RAW files. First, I used Nik's HDR Efex Pro to create an HDR image. Then I applied the Spicify effect in Topaz Adjust. As a final step, I sharpened everything in the scene except the soft and beautiful water.

Also, if you sharpen earlier in the image-processing process, and then adjust the contrast, for example, you have an chance of over-sharpening an image.

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P.S. For info on HDR Efex Pro (and a discount) and Topaz, click here.