How Did I Make This Picture in 1975?

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I took this picture, my first ever published, in 1975.

Technically speaking, how did I make the picture? The camera is not in the straight-on reflection.

The photograph, a self-portrait, is a direct print from a negative.

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P.S. I added this P.S. after a few comments.

I took this picture while I was struggling as a music teacher.

I sent it to Technical Photograph magazine, where it got published.

Shortly thereafter, the publisher asked me to be the editor of a sister magazine, Studio Photography magazine.

After two years as editor, Minolta wanted me to head up the PR account Bozell and Jacobs... a position I held as V.P./Group Supervisor for 10 years.

I left the agency in 1990 to do what I am doing now.

Go figure....

Here is the answer: I used the tilts and swings of my dad's Linhoff 4x5 inch view camera to see the toaster head-on from an angle.

Good fun!

Now it's your turn! Take a self portrait this weekend!