It's Topaz Tuesday. Have Some Creative Fun!

As many of you know, Topaz Adjust from Topaz Labs is one of my favorite plug-ins. It's great for plug-in fun – as well as creative enhancements.

All these images were enhanced with the Spicify effect in Topaz Adjust.

Spicify adds: color, saturation, contrast, detail and sharpness . . . if you want.

For the picture above, I also used the Spificy effect. However, in this case I reduced the noise to the point where the picture lost sharp detail, creating a painterly effect.

For the above image, I reduced the Spicify effect after I opened the picture in Photoshop by going to Edit >Fade Filter. Topaz DeNoise and Topaz ReMask are awesome, too!

Have fun with Topaz. You can save a bundle by ordering a bundle!

Here's a Topaz tip: Always press reset before you start to work on an image. If you don't, your previous settings will be applied to your image.

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