The Year in Review - 22 and Thank You!

Wow! What a Year. I want to thank everyone who attended one of my 22 seminars/workshops over the past year. You made the events fun for me – and I tired to make the events fun for you. What's more, I leaned a lot by you guys asking questions.

I am actually home for rest of the year. Ahhhhhh - no airport security lines!!!!!

Here's a quick back look at my 2010 events.

Las Vegas, NV
St. Augustine, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
San Francisco, CA
New York City
Turners Falls, MA
Palm Springs, CA
Atlanta, GA
Sand Diego, CA
Redding, PA
Fairfield, NJ
Los Osos, CA
Fort Worth, TX
Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
Pembroke, FL
Plymouth, MA
Providence, RI

The image above, taken in Laos, is one of my favorite 2010 images. The image below, taken in China, is another.

Click the Seminars and Photo Tours tabs here on my blog for a look at what's cookin' for 2011 - so far! Many more events are being planned.

Explore the light my friends – and I do feel as though I have many new photographer friends.

Happy Holidays!
Rick Sammon - Canon Explorer of Light

P.S. I also want to thank Canon USA for sponsoring many of my talks.