DPE Podcast Interviews: The Year In Review

Man o man - what a year for interviews on the Digital Photo Experience podcast!

Juan and I had a blast recording the interviews and sharing them with you.

You can find and listen to the podcasts here.

Below is a list of the cool guests who have been on the show - to date. We have about six interviews in the hopper - including: Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski from NAPP, and Mark Fuccio from Drobo.

Thank you to all our guests for being on the show, and thank you for listening.

Rick Sammon & Juan Pons,

P.S. Yes! We will continue to answer your questions. That is fun, too!

Our Guests

- Chris MacAskill, Smugmug
- Chris Klapheke, Outdoor Photo Gear
- Andy Williams, Sumgmug, pro shooter
- Hal Schmitt, Light Institute
- Jennifer Wu, Canon Explorer of Light
- Tim Grey, digital expert
- David Wells, digital expert and photojournalist
- Marc Muench, landscape photographer
- Paul Bown, Canon Explorer of Light
- Stephen Schlow, University of Central Florida
- Tamara Lackey, lifestyle photographer
- Joe Brady, MAC Group
- John Isaac, photojournalist
- Rudy Winston, Canon USA
- Rosh Sillars, Social Media Expert
- Parish Kohanim, Canon Explorer of Light
- David deChemin
- Will Burrard-Lucis, wildlife photographer
- Eddie Tapp, Canon Explorer of Light
- Judy Host, portrait and fine-art photographer
- Vincent Laforet, Canon Explorer of light
- Tim Smith , Canon
- Bernie Keach, Marshall Electronics
- Mike Wong, onOne Software
- Eric Yang, Topaz Labs
- Richard Harrington, HD SLR video expert
- Larry Becker, NAPP
- John Paul Caponigro, Canon Explorer of Light
- Peter Krogh, digital expert
- Rob Sheppard, digital expert
- Julieanne Kost, needs no introduction
- David Ziser, wedding photographer
- Jack Rezniki, studio shooter
- Dr. Russel Brown, again, no intro needed
- Jim DeVitale, Canon EOL
- Helene Glassman, digital artist
- Harry Benson, LIFE magazine photographer
- Al Satterwhite, digital artist
- Michale Zide, black and white shooter
- Mike McNamara, McNamara Report
- Trey Ratcliff, Stuck in Customs
- David Brommer, B&H and wonderful shooter
- Katrine Eismann, SVA

Plus: (thanks to Kevin Michael for sending us a list of the folks we omitted):

Lee Varis, photographer
Karen Ballard, photojournalist,
Eileen Gitens, Blurb
Jerry Ward, Canon USA
Liz Quinlisk, X-Rite
Michael Grecco, photographer
John Eakin, photographer
Victoria Schmitt, Light Photographic Workshops
Terrie and Beth, Maui Photo Festival
John Williamson, Westcott
David Turner, photographer
John Nordell, photographer
Lewis Kemper, photographer
Adam Jones, photographer
Kevin Ames, photographer

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