Quick Digital Imaging Tip 41/101: People in Pictures Help With Stock Photo Sales

This is tip #41 of 101 digital imaging tips that I plan to post here over the next few months. Stay tuned.

Today's tip: People in pictures help with stock photo sales.

The picture immediately above is nice enough, but the picture that opens this post is much more a "lifestyle" image, and "lifestyle" images sell better than beautiful scenic shots.
Even when a person is very small, or even tiny in a photo, that person adds a sense of scale to the image. Whenever possible, try to include a person in the scene.

And speaking of stock sales, I know someone who makes $3,000 a month in stock sales on iStock Photo. The key to making money in stock is to have many, many pictures uploaded and available.

If you want some tips on selling sock photos, check out this book: Taking Stock: Make money in microstock creating photos that sell.

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