Scott Kelby - The Photographer – on the DPE Podcast

As my son used to say, "You're the man now, dog." Well, that's what I am saying today about my friend Scott Kelby – who shares some thoughts on his own photography during my 1/2 hour interview with him on today's Digital Photo Experience podcast.

Scott is just as passionate about his photography as he is about his Photoshop and Lightroom work. I think you'll really enjoy his photo philosophies and his photography tips.

Last time I saw the dude was when he photographed me for his Sessions project - a project in which Scott is photographing photographers who play an instrument. Cool idea, Scott.

Look closely at the guitar case in the photo below! I also made a few bucks during the photo session.

I'll be teaching at Photoshop World in Orlando, Florida in March 2011. I hope you can join the photography and Photoshop fun. If not, here is a link to my classes on Kelby Training.

Click here for Scott's blog.

Mark Fuccio from Drobo is also on the podcast today. Naturally, Mark talks about data storage. But he also talks about the type of pictures that he likes to take, as well as wine making. Another good chat.

Of course, we also answer some listener questions on the podcast - which is always fun.

Explore the light,

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