# 1 Reason to Shoot HDR

HDR Rocks.
Lots has been said about HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) on the internet. Seems some folks have a love-hate relationship with HDR: they love to hate it. :-)

Me? I love to love HDR for a very important reason – which is the #1 reason I shoot lots of HDR images: HDR lets me (and you) capture scenes as they look to our eyes.

Average Exposure.
For example, directly above is the average exposure of the scene in the Colony Hotel in Delray Beach, Florida.

Three exposures used to create HDR image.
Sure, HDR images can be overdone, or over cooked as some like to say. I have actually been accused of doing just that. See the image below. But heck, I was just having some fun and trying to be creative – which is what photography is all about. Right?
Nik Software's HDR Efex Pro Plus Topaz Adjust/Spicify
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You can save some $ on the HDR programs that I use (Photomatix Pro and HDR Efex Pro) by clicking here.

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