Lights, Cameras, Action . . . Seminars, Workshops, Demos: Florida Here I Come!

Just added to this post: Write a caption for this photograph. Suggested by Josh on facebook. My caption: Look! There is a photographer who is not using a Canon camera!) Post your comment here so all can see.

I'm looking forward to my March 2011 seminars and workshops in Florida. Always great fun!

Here is what's on the schedule. I hope you can join the photo fun - and photo learning!

Saturday, March 26

Sunday, March 27

Monday, March 28
(Before/After Photoshop and HDR Live Demo. Example Below.)

Tuesday, March 29
Please don't call my cell phone. Taking a break :-)

Photoshop World Schedule

Wednesday, March 30, 6:15 PM

Thursday, March 31, 1:15 PM

Friday, April 1, 2:15 PM

Also: Juan Pons and I will be recording stuff for our DPE Podcast. Stop us anywhere (except the men's room) and ask us questions for the podcast.

For the Tampa workshop, you'll need:
• Camera, wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses, tripod and flash. If you have a reflector/diffuser kit, bring that, too.
• Back at your home, I suggest your process your HDR pictures in HDR Efex Pro or Photomatix Pro. Info here.

I hope to see you in the "Sunshine State."

Explore the Light,

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