A Quick Trick With Nik

Here's a quick trick that you can use with Nik . . . Nik Software's line of way-cool plug-ins. The trick: applying a filter selectively.

Here I used the new Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Make a selection of the main subject. Here I used the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop. Once you make your selection (see the marching ants around your subject), go to Select > Inverse.

When you open Silver Efex Pro, the window will only show the selected part of the image. When you apply the effect, it will only be applied to the part of the image that you can see in the window.

Another way to do this when using Silver Efex Pro is to apply the filter to the entire image. After you press OK, the effect is applied to a new layer on top of your original image. Now, simply erase the area of the photo you want in color.

When you are working in and playing with Silver Efex Pro, or any plug-in for that matter, check out the pre-sets. They are great starting points to get your creative juices flowing.

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Explore the light,

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