Battle of the HDR Photo Tips Round 7: Ratcliff vs. Sammon

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff
It's Round 7 – the final round of the week-long Battle of the HDR Photo Tips: Trey Ratcliff vs. Rick Sammon. Thank you all for sharing in the HDR fun this week!

Trey Ratcliff is some dude on the internet that runs Stuck in Customs. His mom visits his blog every day. If people leave bad comments, then his mom gets 'em.

Rick Sammon was at Woodstock and still tries to maintain the PLJ feeling of the '60s. He also dived in Lake Baikal, Sibera, where he photographed the nerpa.

Here we go:

Ratcliff: We have an area of called The Clubhouse (people that get the video above get access) — I asked members in there to add their favorite short tips, and here they are a few:

Alex Suarez - “When shooting from a tripod, I like to hang my camera bag from the center column. Adding this extra weight firmly plants my tripod, further reducing the chance of camera shake.”

Marc (marcp_dmoz) – “If you are shooting in low light conditions and you can’t use a tripod, switch ‘Auto ISO Sensitivity Control’ on when bracketing for HDR.”

Eden Brackstone – “Never process your shots the same day you take them, allow your creative energy to build up and apply it when you will get the best results. Then, wait some more and revisit it. Ultimately, a late and well processed image is more valuable than a rushed one that you regret…”

And here is my last tip for the "battle" with Rick: “Practice RAW HDR processing a lot… there are countless moments that just don’t happen in brackets (like the photo above).”

Did you miss my the other tips?  Here they are, listed out:

Photograph by Rick Sammon
Sammon: Put the viewer in the scene. One way to accomplish this goal is to use a strong foreground element. Also, it's easier for the view to picture himself or herself in scene if everything in the scene is in focus – just like a scene looks to our eyes.To accomplish that goal, use a wide-angle lens, small aperture and focus 1/3 into the scene.

For this shot, set up my tripod in the back sat of this old car and held very very still while I shot.

Hey! I don't have a Clubhouse like Trey, but I do have a flickr group where photographers can share their work. Click here to join the HDR fun!

To recap the entire "battle," just type in Battle of the HDR tips in the search window of this blog.

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To learn more about Trey's HDR work, click here.

To learn more about my latest HDR project, Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio iPad app - a how-to app packed with tips, click here.

Thank you Trey for agreeing to the "battle," and thank you all for joining us ringside.

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