It's Be My Guest Monday. Today's Guest Blogger: Jackie Bailey Labovitz

Today's Guest Blogger is Jackie Bailey Labovitz. Here are some of her favorite photographs, along with a few quick tips.

Take it away, Jackie.

Above: Get down on the ground - All the photos in my UNDERSTORY project, currently on view at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Naturalist Center, were taken in the belly-to-ground position.

Above: Shoot with One Lens - Your back will love you. It took ten-mile hikes every day for over a week with a 28-300mm lens to finally find this flawless pair of camera ready rare slippers. Endurance matters.

Above: Go Natural - Watch the light travel over and around the subject. Watching it hug, shun or barely touch living things otherwise untouched is mesmerizing. When it's just right, take a deep breath steady the camera and confidently press the shutter release. Revere the light.

All of the above: Enjoy the process of making pictures.