One Light Wonder - A Way-Cool and Creative Effect with a Single Canon Speedlite

On Monday I posed a question here on my blog about lighting an image. Click here to see that post.

RedTerror guessed correctly. I hope he/she is nicer than that name! :-)

Anyway, here is a follow-up post that includes a lighting diagram that I created with online Lighting Diagram creator.

The key to this effect, taught to me by my friend Jack Reznicki, is to get a beautiful rim light around the person's profile. You may not get this the first time you shoot. Experiment with moving the subject around.

My original photograph is on the left. I created the image on the right using the Exposure Correction filter in Topaz Adjust.

Light It! offers basic lighting ideas. I am working on Light It! II.

Click here for info on all my apps.

I'll be sharing this technique later this month at Photoshop World during my Canon Speedlite session. I hope you can join the flash fun.

Thank you again, Jack, for showing me this way-cool effect.

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