My iHDR iPad App is Here and on Sale!

My newest how-to app for the iPad is now available: Rick Sammon's iHDR. It's also currently on sale for $1.99.

This app (formerly called Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio) is packed with HDR photos (my latest from around the world), info and movies. It's a great way to learn and experience HDR.

The app has the same great content as HDR Portfolio, but with an added Favorites section. So, if you already have the app, you don't need to download this version.

It's called iHDR because the app is all about how you can create cool HDR images using your imagination – combined with HDR photography innovations. 
Click here to download the app and to start the HDR learning and fun.

Here is some more info on the app.

The app was developed by Dr. Dave Wilson, who also developed my iPhone and iPad apps, Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet.

The interactive app features solid how-to information (tips, tricks and techniques) and more than 300 images, including 30 of my latest HDR images. Several movies, including a clip me shooting an HDR sequence, are also included.

What's more, the app offers one of the coolest features I have seen when it comes to teaching and illustrating HDR: HDR Dissolve™.

To activate HDR Dissolve™ Simply touch the photo to see it magically transform into the final HDR image. Normal images dissolve into great HDR images - just by touching them! In some cases, a set of three original photos are provided, followed by one or more processed HDR images. Nice work Dr. Dave!

The app is divided into four major sections, making it easy to access the photographs and how-to information.

• Introduction – Dr. Dave and I cover the basics of HDR image making. Photographs, text and movies are provided for fast learning.

• Inside – Learn how to shoot in extreme contrast situations, and learn how to see the light and exposure for the dynamic range of a scene.

 • Outside – Travel with me around the world and see how he captures cityscapes, landscapes, and interior scenes, during the day and at night.

 • Nature – Learn how to capture the beauty of nature without being limited by the existing lighting conditions.  

This is not an app to process or take pictures. Please do not download this app to edit your photos – it doesn’t so that! It is an educational app for digital SLR and compact camera photographers.

For each HDR image, I provides the location, number of exposures, HDR processing program used, and tips about HDR and/or standard photography. EXIF camera and exposure info is also included for many images. A quick e-mail feature lets you share any image with family and friends.

Size: This app contains more than 100 MB of movies and photos. It’s self-contained, so you don’t need an Internet connection to use it.

$ave a Few Buck$: If you are new to HDR image-making and need an HDR plug-in (Nik Software's HDR Efex Pro) or program (HDR's Photomatix), click here to get the program/plug-in . . . and a discount (if you use the appropriate discount codes). While you are there, check out Topaz Adjust, which also helps expand the dynamic range of an image.

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