Composition - The Strongest Way of Seeing

Edward Weston said, "Composition is the strongest way of seeing."

That's one heck of a strong photography quote - and a photo philosophy that I stress with all my students and readers.

Here is a quick example: the opening picture for this post illustrates strong/creative seeing. The picture below, basically of the same scene, does not. (Both pictures were taken on a glacier in Alaska.)

I have found that if newbie photographers simply slow down and think about composition and balance, they come up with more creative composition. 

Sometimes, getting closer and rearranging subjects/elements in a scene helps - as illustrated below.

This week, make it a point to concentrate on composition. You'll be glad you did.

Composition - the strongest way of seeing, will be my next Kelby Training class.We are shooting the class in July. Follow me on twitter, where I'll be posting updates.

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