Mt. Rainier Workshop Photo Gear Recos – Good for All Landscape Workshops

Photograph © Rick Sammon

My Mt. Rainier workshop with Juan Pons is filling up. For those of you joining the photo fun, here is my list of gear recos (and why you should use the gear) along with some links to some specific gear.

Back-up camera                                    
You could drop your camera

Wide-angle zoom lens                        

Tele zoom lens                                   
Compressed Landscapes

Macro lens                                                
Close ups

Back up lenses                                                
Who knows what can happen?

Polarizing filter                                    
Landscapes photography
(Make sure you get the correct size for your lens or lenses!)

HDR photography

Plenty of memory cards                        
For taking lots of pictures

Extra batteries                                                
You’ll be shooting a lot

Lens cleaning cloth                                    
Keep your lens clean

Sensor cleaning stuff                                    
Clean your sensor if necessary

Cable release                                                
For HDR photography

Viewing your pictures

Laptop charger                                    
Keeps you up and running

Accessory Hard Drive                                    
Back-up your pictures

Hoodman Loupe
For checking out your image on your camera's LCD monitor

Power strip                                                
Charge several items at once and protects against power surge

Card reader and cables                        
Downloading. Bring an extra set as a back up.          

Also, download to your laptop: Topaz Adjust, Photomatix and/or Nik HDR Efex Pro.

Get a discount on Photomatix and all Nik software on the Plug-in page on my Creative Plug-in page.

If you like landscape photography and can't make Mt. Rainier, maybe you can join me for my "In the footsteps of Ansel Adams" photo tour in 2012.

Explore the light,