The Other Side of 60

My talented brother, Bob, wrote a cool song about being over 60. Here's the YouTube link.

Below are the words. Thanks, Bob.


P.S. Yes, there is a reason why this post is running. Today. :-)

The Other Side of 60
© 2008 Bob Sammon, All Rights Reserved

From the other side of 60
20 don't look too bad
Thinking back to younger days
and all the friends we had.
Singing, playing, loving,
Testing our new wings.
Taking reckless chances
on damn near anything.
From the other side of 60
30 looked like it should.
That's when I met her
and life ahead looked good.
Sure, there were some changes.
Things settled down too much.
But kids and work were all we had
and slowly we lost touch.

         And you never see it coming
         No matter how you try
         To gaze into the future
         And let imagination fly
         There's always something coming
         You can't anticipate.
         So take a breath and hold it in
         And learn to laugh at fate.

From the other side of 60
40 was much the same.
Days turned into endless days.
But no one could be blamed.
But when she got real restless
She just got up and left.
The kids and me just sat there,
Stunned and left adrift.


From the other side of 60
Fifty was a blur.
Kids had grown, gone on their own
And I never heard from her.
Some things sure looked different
And some are much the same.
But somewhere deep down in my soul
was that ever burning flame.


Now from this side of 60
Things are looking good again.
Everything that we went through
has scattered with the wind.
There's music, friends and family
to fill up each new day.
And every step, each gain and loss
Is a price I gladly paid.