Times Square Shoot: Join the Photo Fun!

If you live in NYC, or will be visiting NYC, or have friends who lives in NYC . . . you and they don't want to miss the historic event that I am planning for 6.18.11. Okay, so it will not be that historic, but it will be BIG. Plus, it will be free. Mark your calendar. Bring your camera.

Don't B L7. Be there! And look for me in the white Smugmug, t-shirt.

Here is the info: 

All you need to do is show up, shoot, pose and upload. We’ll meet in Duffy Square in Times Square for a group photo at 5 PM!

I’ll give some photo tips on site. I’ll also be posting some cityscape photo tips on my blog the week before. 

I’ll have guest instructors. You’ll shoot in and around Times Square – until whenever. That night or the next day, you’ll upload your photos to a special Smugmug site – for the entire world to see.

To capture the idea of the "bigness" of the event, I used my Canon 15mm fish-eye lens on my Canon 5D Mark II.

Here's a tip that applies to the opening photo for this post: Always look up.

I hope you can join the photo fun.

Below are two pictures that my friend Laurie Shupp took of me the last time I was in Times Square.

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Explore the light,


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