Chris Klapheke Joins Us In Bosque del Apache for a Blast - and Blast Off!

Photograph by Chris Klapheke
Juan Pons and I are happy to announce that our good friend, and excellent wildlife photographer (and great cook), Chris Klapheke will be joining our December 2011 Bosque del Apache workshop as an instructor. 

We'll all have a blast . . . shooting the "blast off" that happens each morning at sunrise.

Chris took me under his wing, so to speak, on my first visit to Bosque - showing me the best places to shoot and the best places to grab a burger.

Here is a link that gives you an idea of what Chris brings to the party - and we will party after we shoot.

Check out this link, too.

Chris also owns Outdoor Photo Gear, which is a great place to shop for . . . that's right: outdoor photo gear. If you need some gear for the trip, contact Chris. Actually, you may want to contact Chris to see what gear he recommends . . . including hand and toe warmers! :-)

Explore the light,

P.S. If you are not tired of clicking on links and would like to read an article I wrote on my first trip to Bosque, click here.