Hope You Catch a Free Redeem Code for My Latest iPad App: Underwater Wonders

It takes a lot of sardines to feed a great white shark. (A variation of my well-known phrase: It takes a lot of peanuts to feed an elephant.)

Anyway, in celebration of my 7th app, Underwater Wonders, I am giving away 10 codes for the app. Sure, the app only costs a couple of sardines, but what the heck, all those sardines add up - just like peanuts add up.

About the app: Underwater Wonders is not a photography how-to app/app book, like most of my other apps. Rather, it's an app/app book that falls into the Nature, Wildlife and Marine Conservation categories.

Underwater Wonders
, designed for kids and for adults who are kids are heart, features underwater photographs of my favorite marine animals. The photographs are accompanied by fascinating and fun fish facts, as well as some of my personal anecdotes. (For 20 years, underwater photography, and helping to protect the world's fragile coral reefs, was my main focus.)

Here is a nice review of the app.
Good luck. I say that because redeeming a code on the app store is not as easy as hooking a hungry fish.

Here are the free redeem codes:


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