Changing Lanes: Bob DeLellis

Photograph © Bob DeLellis
From time to time I'll run a feature here on my blog: Changing Lanes. It's about folks who have "changed lanes" in their life . . . as many of us do at one point or another.

The basic concept is to inspire those who have changed lanes to keep on changing when times get tough. Been there, done that. The other idea is to inspire those who want to change lanes to drive toward that goal.

This week I am proud to feature Bob DeLellis, a student who attended my recent Brooks Institute seminar.

Photograph © Bob DeLellis

Here is part of Bob's changing lanes story: I moved to CA in 1980 to be a "rich and famous rockstar" and in 1981 played in RATT opening for Motley Crue on the Hollywood Strip. It's been a long story to get here, but kind of interesting to go from musician, to CPA, to CPA for musicians, to playing guitar for my musician client, and now to photography.    

As the Buddhist say: Change is Good.
Bob: Before and after "changing lanes."
Here is a link some of Bob's work. And here is a link to his facebook page.

Thank you Bob for sharing your story - of success. We gotta jam someday!

If any reader has a "Changing Lanes" story, shoot me an email.

Explore the light,

P.S. I changed lanes, too.... from being a musician at Woodstock (although I still play every day) to being the editor of a photo magazine to being in advertising/PR to being photographer. 

Me: fro, white shirt sitting on hood. Yikes! My poor mother back in 1969.