Rick Sammon's Select Series Launched: Vol 1 - Travel and Nature Photography From A to Z

All photographers have their favorite photographs and tips. That includes me!

In my latest project - the Rick Sammon Select Series - I share some of my favorite photos with basic tips, to help you turn your snapshots into great shots. Some of the photographs have appeared in my books, magazine articles, apps, DVDs and in my on-line training classes. Here, my photos/tips are put together in an easy to read volume.

Each volume in the series is a downloadable PDF that can be viewed on any laptop computer and on an iPad. Each volume cost only $5.00.

The series is the idea of photographer Steve Dreyer, who attended one of my workshops and has since become my friend.

Travel and Nature Photography is Volume I in the series. It includes:
• 26 travel and nature photo tips. A to Z - the number of letters in the alphabet. Tips on aerial photography, nighttime shooting, landscapes, kids, jungles, glare on water and much more.

• 6 pages of basic HDR info.
• 3 pages of Steve's photographs and tips.

Again, these are basic tips aimed at the photo enthusiast.

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If you need help with Download/Payment Instructions . . .

After you click the Click here link above.

1) Complete the form and submit it.
2) Once your payment is received, you will receive an email stating that you can download the PDF.
3) Download the PDF to your desktop computer - view and enjoy.

To Save and View the PDF on an iPAD once downloaded to your computer:
1) Connect your iPAD to your desktop computer where you have iTunes installed.
2) Open iTunes and drag the PDF to the iTunes library (in Books section).
3)  Perform a sync.
4) Open the book in the PDF section of iBooks (install the free iBooks app if  needed). Enjoy.

Steve and I are currently working on Volume II in the Rick Sammon Select Series: Photographing People.

Explore the light,