Friday's Fab Photographer - George Howard

Each Friday, I try to run a post here: Friday's Fab Photographer. This week's fab photographer is George Howard.

Take it away George.

Thanks Rick for the invitation to be featured in your blog. It is indeed an honor.

As an avid amateur photographer, my favorite type of photo session is one where I wander the streets, or the trails, looking for compelling images. A few years ago I was struggling to find such images in my local environs. Unless I was traveling to places new to me I could find little to inspire me enough to squeeze the shutter button. 

About the same time as I realized I had developed this photographer's block, I became dissatisfied with the layout of my website which grouped my images in such uninspired categories as landscapes, portraits and miscellaneous. It eventually occurred to me that I needed a theme, some underlying notion that ran through a series of photographs; something specific to seek during photo sessions that could be subsequently displayed in a cohesive group. 

Now when I wander out with my camera in hand I am mindful of the various series I have working. This approach keeps those areas I regularly traverse fresh as I look for the combination of the right light and one of those underlying notions. A beneficial side effect of this approach is that I tend to keep a camera with me more frequently since I hate to come across a perfect candidate for one of my series with no way to capture it. 

One final note, developing a strong series takes time. Several mediocre images even though tied together by a great notion remain mediocre to the casual viewer, so be patient in the building of your series

Rick previously featured two images from my Shadow Boxing series. Here are two more.

The next two are from my Window World Series.

You can view some of my series at – with more coming soon to SmugMug. I also have a Photo of the Week mailing list that presents one of my images each week along with some insight into why the image works. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact me through my site.

Thank you again Rick for sharing your space with me.  May your light always be right.