Friday's Fab Photographer: George Stark

This week's Friday's Fab Photographer is George Stark Take it away George!

Photographing anything is my passion.

I love the rush of taking the shot and the process of sitting at the computer bringing the image to life!  I still get giddy waiting for the print to roll out of the printer.

There were so many times when I'd be driving through the countryside and see something that was a great shot, but I'd keep on driving, only to have the image haunt me forever. So I started slamming on the brakes. I consider myself to be a "Just off the Road" Photographer. Not that I have anything against hiking, but I find the majority of my shots are taken with my rear end hanging over the roadway not far from the car.

I enjoy the challenge of taking the shot at a location anyone can drive up to and finding "My Shot" in the viewfinder.

The images here were taken . . .  "Just off the Road"

Driving through Eastern Washington I hit the brakes.  My tripod was inches off the highway.
Three shot bracketed HDR, Lightroom 3,  Photomatix, and CS5.


Set up the tripod just off Hwy 101 Gold Beach, Oregon.
Slow shutter speed 0.7secs  blurring the water. Processed in Lightroom 2 and CS4.


Near a parking lot in Santa Monica, California. The wavy fence caught my eye.
A tripod, three shot bracketed HDR processed with lightroom 3,  Photomatix, CS5, and little Topaz Adjust Plug-In

On my way into a local restaurant in down town Seattle on a sunny day. The windows just caught my eye.
Leaning on a parking meter for this shot. I processed with Lightroom 3, CS5, and a little use of theTopaz Adjust Plug-in.

What I love about photography is there is always something new to learn and experience!

The next time you see that shot "Hit the Brakes

Thanks to Rick for the privilege of appearing on his Blog!


P.S. For info on Topaz, see my Creative Plug-ins Page.