Friday's Fab Photographer: Morgana Creely

This week's Friday's Fab Photographer is Morgana Creely.

Thank you for this great opportunity. :)

This image was the most challenging to create in that I wanted the shot to look like it was lit entirely with the ambient light in the room and from the window. In fact it is a mixture of ambient and Speedlight [small flash].

The unmodified Speedlight was positioned fairly low to the ground, pointing from the right of room towards the model to mimic light from the window. This allowed me to light the model’s face [which otherwise would have been in darkness] without throwing additional shadows on the back wall.

One of my favourite images, this was shot very early one morning in a local cemetery. We had permission from the caretaker to shoot within the premises and in a location like this are always respectful of the location.

The model is lit by a single unmodified Speedlite which is placed on the outside of the fence railing to create the shadows.

The outfits for these shoots were sourced from my props wardrobe or the models with the exception of the colour “bus stop” outfit which was rented for less than $100.  Whilst I am very fortunate to have studio lights, when I’m on location I rely entirely on my Speedlights.

The old adage is true; it’s not what you got, it’s what you do with it.

A big thank you to Rick Sammon for the guest blog.