The Incy Wincy Spider . . . Helped Make a Nice Photograph

Here's today's favorite shot from Costa Rica. Here's what's going on: the larger golden weaver spider is the female; the smaller spider is the male. The male wants to mate. If the female is not in the right mood, she may have the male for breakfast, lunch, dinner - or just a snack.

Photo tips:

• Blur the background to make the subject stand out in the frame - especially when the background is very distracting, as it was here. To blur the background, I shot at a wide aperture (f/5.0) using my Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens - on my Canon EOS 7D.

• You don't necessarily need a macro lens to shoot close-ups. Telephoto lenses can be used, too. Extension tubes will get you even closer.

• See the light. When I first encountered these spiders, they were backlit, and were silhouetted. So, I waited two hours until the light was just in the right place.

• Learn about the subject. It makes making the photograph more fun, as well as sharing the story with your family and friends.

More pictures to come.

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