Next Kelby Training Class Coming Soon: Composition - The Strongest Way of Seeing

This past July, I was down in Oldsmar, Florida recording my next class for Kelby Training: Composition - the strongest way of  seeing. The class is being edited and should be available this fall.

The class, which is more than one hour in length, features some of my best photographs (over 100) and covers all the rules of composition - and info on when to break the rules. In addition, I included many good/bad examples so you can see how to turn a snapshot into a great shot.

I think the most important thing about composition is that it is very subjective. My advice is to check out the rules, look at the work of other photographers, and then follow your heart.

Composition played an important role in the above photograph, which I took in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. See how the young monk-in-training is positioned off to the side of the frame and how he is looking into the frame - and not at the camera. Notice how the dzong in the background is "facing" the young monk. Notice the good depth of filed. Check out the cropping.

When you think about composition, you will have a stronger way of seeing.

I'll let you know when the class is up and running.

Explore the light,