The Times They Are a Changing For Publishing. Become Your Own Publisher!

After publishing 36 books, I think I can say the future of publishing - for me - is apps, ebooks, DVDs and on-line training. I have many photographer friends who feel the same way. 

Self e-publishing can work for you, too.

Apps, DVDs, ebooks and on-line lessons are easier, faster and less expensive to bring to market than books. You can also track sales on a daily basis, rather than waiting six months to check your sales - and to get checks :-)

Here's a look at my electronic publishing ventures:


The screen grabs below are from AppVis, a program I use to track daily sales. Left shot is for my iHDR app, right shot is for my 24/7 Photo Buffet app. These are geography charts - showing that my app sell all over the world, which is not true for all my books. So the message is: getting a percentage of a $5 app is better than not selling a book and getting $0.

With apps, ebooks and DVDs you are in total control of content and design. And with apps, you can easily update. And, when it comes to the iPad, pictures look fantastic on the screen!

When it comes to on-line training, it' cool and creative. My first books were actually how-to camera manuals, written back in the late 1970s. 

Today, my camera manuals for Canon cameras are on Kelby Training. And my next on-line training session will be on creativeLive in October.

I had a ton of fun producing 36 books, including my 3-D children's books series for The Nature Company. Flying Flowers won the Golden Light  Award. And my book, Hide and Seek Under the Sea, won the Ben Franklin Award for one of the best children's book one year.

However, in this world of iPads and computers, apps, DVDs, ebooks and on-line training rule.

If you have a book idea, I would suggest looking into electronic publishing. Keep in mind, however, that you will basically become the PR/marketing person. It will be up to you to use Social Media to get the word out!

When it comes to traditional books, Exploring the Light is my favorite. For a limited time, if you would like an autographed copy (which may become a collector's item), I can send you one for $35, which includes shipping and handling. US only, sorry.

Make a PayPal payment to Shoot me an email to let me know you ordered the book. Also tell me to whom the book should be inscribed... For Jack... etc.

Explore the light,