To HDR or Not to HDR? That is the question

Yesterday, I announced a Mac version of my best-selling iHDR how-to app.

Sure, I enjoy creating HDR images, and I suggest to all my workshops students that they master HDR imaging.

However, I always stress that as good and as powerful and as much fun as HDR can be, there is a time and a place for HDR. Here's why: HDR can ruin the mood of a scene. And after all, the mood or feeling, is the most important part of an image.

I took the photograph that opens this post at Mt. Rainier last week. I could have used HDR to open up the shadows, but I feel as though the shadows create the mood of this peaceful and beautiful setting.

Shadows are the soul of a photograph.
Shadows add a sense of depth and dimension to a photograph.
Shadows can be your friend.

So embrace HDR technology, but always keep the mood of the image in mind - first and foremost.

I teach HDR on almost all of my workshops.

Explore the light,

P.S. I'll be talking more about the mood of a photograph in my creativeLive class in October. Register today for this free class.