Embrace the Situation - or there's no such thing as bad weather or bad light for photograhers

© Rick Sammon
I'm still here at the California Photo Fest in Los Osos, CA. Last night, during the traditional horses-running-on-the-beach event, the weather started to go "bad." The fog rolled in, fast, and we "lost" the great light - which was similar to the light we had the night before.

Well, that's what some of the participants were saying. I said, "Embrace the situation - there is no such thing as bad light or bad weather for photographers."

The shot above was taken during the "bad" light. I kinda like the mood and drama of the image.

The shot below was taken with "good" light. Sure, I like this image, too. It has a much different feel - a warmer feel.

© Rick Sammon
So my friends, embrace the situation - and all situations.

If you like photographing horses running on the beach, my next horses-running-on-the beach event is during my Florida Photo Caravan - which is one of eight events I have planned for 2012.

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