Friday's Fab Photographer: Mark Theriot

Today's Friday's Fab Photographer - a regular feature here on my blog - is Mark Theriot. 

Take it away, Mark!

Although I’ve been interested in photography my whole life, only within the last four years have I really rediscovered the passion.  It’s not my day job - although I do generate an increasing amount of revenue from it – but it is what I love.

I’m a firm believer that continuous learning is key to everything I do, with photography being no exception. To this end, I started a small blog to document my learning – and hopefully help others along the way. It’s called the “Imperfect Photographer” for a reason, unless you are a very special person, you never reach true perfection, but you can work everyday to move ever closer to that ultimate target.

One of the keys to learning is to improve every single day, even if it’s only by a few inches!  This is doubly true when it comes to nature and animal photography. In order to help with that, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned so far.

Action Photography Can Really Be Boring!
Patience is a virtue when it comes to animal photography, it’s not uncommon for me to literally spend hours waiting for something to happen – and when it does, you’ve got to act quickly because it can be over in minutes. If you’ve found the right spot with your scouting, give it time. I’ve included a few more tips in a recent blog post.

One Last Tip, Don’t Always Take A Picture!
It’s so easy to get caught up in our photography that we forget what’s around us. Take the time to enjoy what’s around you, and marvel – just for a little bit – of the wonders around you!
I look forward to “meeting” everyone on line!

Mark Theriot

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