Photographing In Galapagos

All images © Rick Sammon. All rights reserved.

A while back, one of our DPE podcast listeners asked us about photographing in Galapagos. We addressed her questions on the show, but here are some of my photos that illustrate a few of the tips that Juan and I shared.

For info on the gear I use, click on the links on this page.

Above: Always be ready for action. This short-ear owl grabbed this dove in a split second. Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

Above: Sure, bring your telephoto zoom lens, but don’t forget your wide-angle lens. You can get very close to the animals. Canon 15mm lens.

Above: Shoot eye-to-eye . . . rather than standing straight up and shooting like a tourist. Canon 17-40mm lens.

Above: Don’t always shoot eye-to-eye :-)  Get down to give the subject the feeling of power! Canon 15mm lens.

Above: Stick like glue to the guide. He or she can help you get great shots. Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

Above: Look for pictures that tell a story. Canon 17-40mm lens.

Enjoy the wildlife experience. It’s like no other on the planet! Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

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