Socialize Your Small Business - it's the key to success!

Because the business side of photography is so very, very important, I am starting one-one-one, on-line, one-hour business consulting sessions.

Here's how it works:

We discuss your business via Skype or Google Chat. I cover the main social media outlets - and how they can help you!

It's like having a private lesson in the comfort of your home.  

• You shoot me an email and we set a time. I am on NY time. I am booked until December, but we can set a day/time now.
• You prepay with PayPal. $95 for the one-hour session.
• You send me a link to your site and blog.
• You tell me your time zone.
• You tell me your goals.

Good luck with your business. Socialize it! It's key!

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