What's Your Favorite National Park - and Why?

Bryce Canyon National Park. © Rick Sammon
I'm on a National Park kick today. I was just wondering: What is your favorite National Park - and why?

Post a comment in the Comments section here on my blog. I - and other blog followers/National Park lovers - would love to hear your thoughts. What's more, if you have pictures, include a specific link. Share and share alike.

Mt. Rainier National Park. © Rick Sammon 
Explore the light - and explore the wonders and beauty of our National Parks.

Zion National Park. © Rick Sammon
Arches National Park. © Rick Sammon
If you enjoy or parks, and want to help preserve them, check out the National Parks Conservation Association.

All the photographs in the post were taken with my Canon digital SLRs and Canon lenses. See my Gear page for info. Enjoy the weekend!

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