Virtual Photo Safari Part V: Power Up

I took the images for the posts on a recent trek to the Masia Mara organized by &Beyond, a leader in African travel tours. Bateleur was our base camp for the eight-day adventure - and what an adventure. I took the image above with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 24-105mm IS lens.

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Safari Tip: Listen to your guide - very carefully. He or she will tell you when it's okay to shoot, and when it's time to move. Also, don't be bashful about asking your guide/driver to move the safari vehicle a bit left or right or backward or forward so you can get a shot. Guides are there to help you get great shots.

Photo Tips: Bring all necessary power adapters and converters for your cameras and computers (and hair dryer if you use one). Bring a surge protection power strip so you can charge several devices at once. Pack back-up battery chargers and a computer power charger. Ask when generators go off and on and unplug your computer during those times.

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