A Better Name for Plug-ins?

Nik snapseed image © Rick Sammon
In a former life, I was in advertising and PR. In the office, we spent many hours on product naming.

Last night, while playing with some of my favorite plug-ins, I was thinking about the importance of a product's name. I realized that plug-in is a boring name for a very, very exciting, creative and artistic product.
Topaz Adjust/Spicify image © Rick Sammon
Sure, some plug-ins help us correct our mistakes, rescue detail and offer standing adjustments. Most plug-ins, however, help us awaken the artist within - very quickly and very easily.

Nik HDR Efex Pro image © Rick Sammon
So my friends, let's try to come up with a more creative name for plug-ins. Post your suggestions here.

Nik Color Efex Pro/Midnight filter image © Rick Sammon
Explore the light,

P.S. I know snapseed is not technically a plug-in, but like most plug-ins, it offers many creative and artistic effects.

Nik snapseed image © Rick Sammon