Pros: If You Have the Chance to Be Right Or Kind, Be Kind - Please

Buddhist proverb: "Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child." Photo © Rick Sammon
Readers of my blog know that 99 percent of the time I write for amateur or part-time photographers - and for photographers who want to someday turn pro. I also write for folks who simply love photography, who tell me all the time, "Photography is my passion."

This post is for professionals, but it's also for passionate photographers. Here goes.

Last night, I met a young, talented and enthusiastic photographer who was very hurt and crushed during a portfolio review at a big photo convention by a very well-known photographer.

The pro, who of course, like all pros, started out an amateur, basically told the young photographer that his work sucked.

Man o man. The pro's comment got my Italian blood boiling. I could not believe that the pro was so downright mean to the aspiring photographer. Even if the did not like the photographer's work, he could have at least considered the expression: If you have the chance to be right or kind, be kind.

Why not be kind? Why not sandwich a criticism with compliments? Sure, be honest and truthful, but don't hurt someone's feelings and come off like a pompous (fill in the word).

I have seen the "amateur's" work and he has some great shots. Look for them here on my blog in the coming months.

Explore the light - and be kind,