Sell and Save with SmugMug Pro in 2012

I receive many emails from photographers asking me many different types of questions. I answer all of them, believe it or not.

A very common question: How can I make money, and where can I sell my prints?

First off, I say that your pictures do you absolutely no good sitting on your hard drive - and back up drive, which I hope you have. You must get your work out there for the world to see.

One effective way to sell prints is through SmugMug, where I have my galleries and where I sell prints. You upload your images, set your prices, and you are on your way. .  to selling prints (and other photo related products).

I suggest setting up different galleries for different themes. For example, I have a Favorites gallery, an Africa gallery, a Butterfly gallery and a Galapagos gallery - with more galleries on the way. In each gallery I only show the "best of." This makes it fast and easy for folks to view images. Simply put, you don't want to put up dozens and dozens of images for your potential customers to wade through.

Setting up different galleries makes it easy for folks to find your work, and hopefully make a purchase.

Other tips:
- Don't offer a million different print sizes. Only offer a few, which makes choosing and ordering easy.
- Offer a few gift items, too - such as greeting cards.
- Check your stats, which is easy to do with SmugMug. See what is selling and what's not.
- Socialize, using Google+, Twitter, etc., sales and new galleries.

If you are new to setting up a SmugMug site, SmugMug has support heros who can help you out. Below is a look at some of the super SmugMug heros. They take being a super hero very seriously. They also take helping you very seriously.

Don't have a SmugMug Pro account? You can save 20% the first year by using this code: RICKSMUG20. Just go to the SmugMug website and start the SmugMug fun.

Good luck with sales.