Try This With Topaz

"I don't like that picture. It looks more like a painting than photograph."

That's what someone said about the opening image for this post during one of my recent seminars.

Well, as my dad used to say, "To each his own."

But here's the deal: when you take out the sharpness of an image, you remove some of the reality. And when you remove some of the reality, a picture can look more artist and creative . . . like a painting.

Above is my original image. After using the Highlight/Shadow control in Photoshop, I used Toapz Adjust to remove the noise. However, I boosted the reduce noise sliders all the way . . . which soften the picture and created a painterly effect.

Try this techniue on some of your pictures. Some folks may say that they don't like them, but as my mother used to say, "Follow your heart."

You can save a bundle on a Topaz bundle on my Creative Plug-in page.

Listen to your parents,