Digital Rebel DVD on the Way - with a little help from my friends

The DVD is designed to help all Canon Digital Rebel shooters.
I'm working on a new DVD with David Leveen: Getting Started with Your Digital Rebel & Your Digital SLR Photography.  

The data DVD will be a collection of my favorite videos from my other Canon Digital Rebel DVDs. Sorta like "Rick's Greatest Canon Digital Rebel Tips." 

Data means that you can view all the lessons on your computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. For mobile device uses, it's like having me by your side for on-site lessons.

Yes, as new Canon Rebels are introduced the images quality goes up and new features are added, like improved video recording and flip out screens. But on all the cameras, many features operate the same way, including the Creative and Automatic modes, white balance, built-in flash and so on. So although I show a feature on one model, the operation and benefits are basically the same on all the models.

Dozens of end-result photographs are also included.

The DVD will also feature my narrated keynote show: "Getting Started with Your Digital SLR Photography." 

Slide from "Must Know Info" keynote show.
Segments include: Digital SLR Must Know Info, The Four Levels of Learning, and Making vs. Taking pictures.
 Slide from "Must Know Info" keynote show. Dark subjects: -1 EV. Light subjects: +1 EV.
The video training DVD, which plays on a computer, will sell for $12.99 and will be available in early March.

More info to come. For now, I just wanted to thank two photo industry friends who helped out with the gear for the shoot.

Behind the scenes.
Josh Norem at sent over three Digital Rebel models and several Canon lenses. Hey, Josh - you guys also do a great job on packing the gear. Very impressed.

Rick Booth at Tiffen got us three Lowel Blender™ LED lights, which not only light up a scene, but also let you quickly and easily match mixed light sources. How cool (or hot) is that!

If you want to get on the mailing list for into on the DVD, shoot me an email.

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