First Annual Digital Delray Days Begins with HDR - and awakening the artist within

© Rick Sammon
Today was day #1 of my Digital Delray Days - an annual event designed to inspire creative photographers in South Florida . . . and from around the country.

We started the day with HDR - capturing the entire dynamic range of a very high contrast scene. Everyone got it! (We also covered flash and people photography.)

Back in my room, I processed my HDR sequence and added a touch of Topaz Adjust/ Dark Ghostly to create the image I saw in my mind's eye. After applying Topaz Adjust, I used Shadows/Highlights in Photoshop to fine-tune my image.

Read more about Topaz Adjust and the other plug-ins I use. Great creative fun.

Above: Middle exposure of my seven exposure HDR sequence.

The idea here is to envision the end-result... and to go beyond HDR images.

If you want to master HDR - and get some ideas for creative HDR images - check out my iHDR app.

Explore the light,

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