Social Media Marketing for Photographers & The Business Side of Photography: April 10th Webinar

When I started out in the photo biz in 1979 as editor of Studio Photography, the buzz phrase for photographers was, "Publish or Perish." If a photographer did not get his or her name out there, they had a good chance of disappearing from the photo scene. I saw that happen more than a few times.

Today, the same philosophy holds true. A photographer must get his or her name out there or run the risk of falling by the wayside. I see that happening more and more . . . and more.

The photographers who are hurting - or not growing - have one thing in common: they have not embraced social media, using free tools like Google+ (the best social media tool), facebook and twitter to gain a following.

So my friends, you need to "Socialize or Succumb."

I'm doing a live webinar (a narrated Keynote show) on Social Media Marketing for Photographers on April 10th at 5 PM Eastern time. Cost for the one-hour webinar is $29.95. The download after the event is also $29.95. Durning the webinar, I will discuss the social media tools and techniques I use. I'll also give some business advice.

This webinar is designed for those just getting started in social media. Shoot me an email to get on the info list. Space is limited.

Until the webinar (and after the event), set aside some time each day to socialize your photography. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Sure, you can spend a lot of time with social media, but... never mistake motion for action.

Explore the light,