Atlanta Lighting/Lightroom Workshop Gear List

Catherine Hall photographed at Google. © Rick Sammon
I am gearing up for my March 9-11 Atlanta Lighting and Lightroom workshop with fellow Canon Explorer of Light (and good friend) Parish Kohanim.

We'll shoot in the studio and on-location. How cool is that!

Parish will show you how to use studio lights for sensational portraits. Some of his gear, which he'll share with you, is shown below.

Parish is a master at creating different lighting effects and moods will all types of lighting, including direct light and softbox light. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a master . . . and to play with his gear.
© Parish Kohanim
We will tether your camera to computers with large Apple cinema displays so you see the effects of your work immediately.

I'll be teaching speedlites. We'll both teach Lightroom.

Here's a look at some of my gear. This is my basic gear reco for studio (and in-home) speedlite shooting.

Pocket Wizard wireless transmitters/receivers - for off-camera flash photography.

Phottix wireless transmitters/receivers - for off-camera flash photography.

Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitters/receivers - for off-camera flash photography.

I bring all wireless systems for the students to share. If you have another brand of camera, be sure you know how to fire your flash remotely - and have the needed accessories or camera capabilities. Off camera flash shooting is a must.

© Rick Sammon
Honl gels - to add color to a white background and to change the color in a scene, as illustrated above.

Two Honl Grids - to direct the light, as illustrated above. The smaller the grid, the more focused the light.

Two Canon 580 EX II speedlites - set on TTL for easy flash photography.

Canon 100mm macro lens - which I also use for portraits.

Canon 24-105mm IS lens - my main lens for studio shooting.

Tether cable - so I can hook up my camera to my Macbook Pro laptop for easy image viewing. I view through Canon Digital Photo Professional, but Lightroom does the trick, too.

Canon 5D Mark II - from which I can control the light output of the speedlites.

© Jason Ludwig
Two 28-inch Westcott Apollo soft boxes - in which I place my speedlites . . . and which I often hold in different positions around a subject. Yes! I am a voice-activated light stand.

Westcott 6-in-1 reflector/diffuser kits.

Here is a look at Parish's studio, which we will transform into your studio for the two-day workshop.

Our motto: "We teach, you shoot." We hope you can join the info-filled and fun-packed workshop.

Parish's list to come.

Here is my original post on the workshop. Hope to see you in Hot 'Lanta.

Explore the light,

P.S. If you can't make the workshop, you'll find lots of lighting tips in my apps.